The Family Plan

Meal planning made effortless: Everything you need to feed your family this week (except the food).

Welcome to The Family Plan by me, Debbie Koenig. I wrote the "What to Cook This Week" column for Epicurious, which ended a month ago. Each week, I put together a list of dinner recipes for a family of four. But it was more than just a suggested weekly menu. It was food Tetris.

The idea was to streamline the cooking, so you'd be working with intentional leftovers. The goal: to make weeknight cooking easier, while also teaching you how to take command in the kitchen. When Epicurious discontinued the column, I started to hear from readers:

"I LOVE your meal plans. You seriously have made my life so much easier. Fun seasonal meals with the kid friendly tips and using up leftovers = winner!"


"It was real food, for both kids and adults, easily modifyable -- and not a bunch of weird taco casseroles like so many other family-friendly plans -- I don't know about you, but yuck! Bring it back -- maybe just on your own??"

And I heard from non-parents, too:

"Real talk, thanks so much for your 'what to cook this week' series on Epicurious. My Fiance and I have been using it to plan our weekly meals for months now, and it seriously kicks ass."

There are more, but you get the idea. I should say, I didn't invent the column--Epicurious hired me to write it. But my expertise with meal planning turned it into something special. And I was as sad as my readers when it ended. Which is why I'm planning to continue.

For The Family Plan I'll curate recipes from all over the Internet, food sites I know and trust. And recipes I've created myself, too--from my cookbook (Parents Need to Eat Too) plus new ones I’ll be developing just for subscribers. I’ll also provide time-saving tips, advice on adapting recipes to work with leftovers, and tips to feed picky eaters (my own kid is so picky we call him “non-nivorous”).

Basically, with The Family Plan you’ll never have to think about weeknight dinner again. Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue.

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