Let's Discuss: Coronavirus Cooking

Photo by Boris Dunand on Unsplash

Here in New York we started a quasi-lockdown last night: Everybody stays home except essential workers, though we’re allowed to go to the grocery store and pharmacy, and leave home for brief periods of exercise (as long as we maintain social distance). I almost made one last panic-shopping trip yesterday, but I realized that would be foolhardy right now. Over the last two weeks I’ve bought every shelf-stable product I can think of. We’re low-ish on fresh fruit (confession: I really wanted to go grab another crate of mangos), but I’ve got dried, some frozen (my kid keeps eating it!), and even a few cans. We’ve got a full gallon of milk, a dozen raw eggs, and another dozen hard-boiled. I can avoid shopping for a week, maybe more.

I know it’s unlikely that you’ve got everything you need for every meal in this week’s plan (reminder: I wrote a guide to substitutions for common items, available on Huffington Post). If you’d like to choose a different recipe completely, I’ve gathered up a few good sources. Each of these has dozens of pantry-based options:

So, what’re you struggling with? How are your picky eaters doing?