Open thread: How's your eating?

When I came across this meme early in the lockdown, I saved it to my phone. My name is Debbie and I’ve struggled with disordered eating for most of my life, so naturally I assumed I’d want to make a joke about my weight gain at some point. Oddly, I’ve been fine. I’d been doing Weight Watchers before coronavirus hit, and I’ve just kept going. I’ve lost six pounds since this all started. I can’t tell you how extremely unusual this is for me—I’m the queen of emotional eating. I really can’t explain it.

Now I’m working on a piece for WebMD about the “quarantine 15,” since it seems a lot of people are struggling the way I expected to. My son, for example, is eating non-stop, as far as I can tell mostly out of boredom. Not all junk food, either—there’s plenty of fruit and popcorn. He just seems to need to eat. Which I totally understand.

All this made me wonder: How are you doing?