Say you were ordering takeout. What would it be?

Living with a super-picky eater means my husband and I can’t get whatever we like, whenever we like. But we’ve found a handful of places that offer something to make each of us happy. My top 3:

  1. Middle Eastern—so.many.vegetables, tons of lemon and herbs, and my son will eat a chicken kebab. Around here the takeout is mostly Turkish, which means pide rather than pita. We usually order a side of it, just to have on-hand.

  2. Indian—the spices, the vegetables, the rice, the naan… Kiddo gets plain chicken tikka here (no masala sauce) and a mango lassi.

  3. Ramen—there’s a great place near us that does a lovely, light shoyu broth with vegetables. My son orders chicken broth with noodles, hold literally everything else.

What’s your go-to for to-go?