Open thread: What's in your pantry?

It’s Day 4 of Operation: Isolation here, since we started on Friday. So far, so good—our family meeting to establish ground rules seems to be helping. My son is actually doing schoolwork! But as this goes on, I imagine things are going to get trickier, particularly when it comes to food. First off, kiddo eats every.scrap of munchy stuff I bring into the apartment within 24 hours. I’m not sure if it’s a teenage boy thing or just boredom, but I’ve taken to hiding food. That feels weird.

I’m also thinking ahead, to when we’re really forced to cook out of our pantries. Right now we’re still stocked with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and I’m sure we’ll shop at some point, but the idea is to go to enclosed public spaces as little as possible. I know what I keep on-hand, but The Family Plan is meant to help you! If you’ll tell me what’s in your stash, odds are I’ll do a better job at creating meal plans that don’t require shopping.

So, whaddya got?